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554 - Harvest Gold
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554 - Harvest Gold
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Made under licence by ITT, a smooth harvest gold rotary dial wall phone. Based on the Western Electric model 554.

The Western Electric 554 is the wall version of the famed model 500. Both the 500s and 554's became so popular that Western Electric licenced out the manufacturing of the phones to meet demand. This is one such phone. This model is of particular intrest due to its chrome switchook. These were later replaced by plastic to keep costs down.

Please note that there are some very light stress fractures in the handset. These are only visible upon close inspection. Please check out the photo below.

This phone has been fully refurbished and tested on modern phone lines. The ringer works loud and clear. The phone is designed for hard wired installation on your wall. Modular mounting plates are available for an additional $49.95.

SKU 21482
Price: US$149.95

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