It Came From the Warehouse

Deep inside the Oldphoneworks warehouse reside telephones and telephone related equipment from years past. Some of the items are unique and rare, some even ask the questions that haunt us all, "Why am I Here? Why do I exist?" This is the corner of the internet where we will share our treasures, our finds, That Came from the Warehouse.
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Elephant Telephone
SKU: 24769
Market price: US$149.95
Our price: US$49.95
save 67%
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Field Telephone
SKU: 24788
Our price: US$100.00
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Vintage Wood Phone Pencil Sharpener
SKU: 24784
Market price: US$44.95
Our price: US$16.95
save 62%
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Western Electric 564 - Felt Green
SKU: 24356
Market price: US$249.95
Our price: US$199.95
save 20%
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