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Model 20 Non-Dial Candlestick - Brass
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Model 20 Non-Dial Candlestick - Brass

The Western Electric Number 20 series Candlestick telephones made their debut in 1904. The metal parts of the phone were made of brass. Early models were generally nickel plated, while the majority of the phones produced after 1910 were painted with a black finish. The natural brass finish was occasionally seen, but it was not generally favoured due to the high maintenance requirements.

After World War I, the Model 40 was introduced. This candlestick is identical in appearance and function to the Model 20, but the base and the tube shaft were made of steel. Interestingly, the Candlestick desk set was considered to be a premium product and subscribers were often charged an additional 25$ per month to upgrade from a wood wall phone. The production of Candlestick phones was discontinued in 1940, however the manufacture of modern reproductions continues to this day.

Like all original Candlestick phones, the Model 20 would have required a subset containing the ringer and components to facilitate connection to the line. This particular unit has been upgraded with a modern network and external ringer. The receiver is a reproduction that has been used to house a modern receiver capsule. The mouthpiece is also a reproduction since the old bakelite mouthpieces have seldom survived to modern days. The transmitter has also been upgraded.

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Price: US$399.00

Ringer Box

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