Kellogg 1100 Masterphone - AKA Redbar Wallphone

Kellogg 1100 Masterphone - AKA Redbar Wallphone
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This Kellogg Master phone 1000 Desk phone gets it's familiar name "Redbar" from the red bar that is used to operate the hook switch. This model was manufactured from 1947-1953 and it was a the first phone made by Kellogg that had interchangeable parts for the dial and non-dial models.

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The case and handset of this phone are made from Bakelite. The design was a significan't improvement over earlier Kellogg models in that the interior space was much more efficiently used, thereby eliminating the tangle of wires that was often present. This was accomplished through the use of a molded one piece connecting block that was quite unique to the telephone industry at the time. The telephone components (capacitor and coil) plugged into the connecting block and were field changeable -- thereby allowing the phone to be easily converted between local battery, and common battery service. Kellogg manufactured the Model 1000 in two additional styles: a wall phone, and a desk phone with a magneto in the base. This phone has been fully tested on modern phone lines, and it has been fitted with a modular phone plug for your convenience.

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