Stromberg Carlson 1178 - Network Upgrade

Stromberg Carlson 1178 - Network Upgrade
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Unlike Western Electric and Northern Electric which had very close ties to the Bell Telephone operating companies, Stromberg Carlson was an independent telephone manufacturer that supplied telephones to a variety of non-Bell telephone companies. During the 1920s they introduced the 1177 and 1178 desk phones. These phones were made of Bakelite, and like all phones of the era, they required a separate subset containing a ringer, and the components needed to connect to the telephone line. We have added a network to this phone and it does not require a subset. The 1177 did not have a dial and an operator was therefore required to route all calls. The 1178 had a dial and was used in locations where automatic switching equipment was available. These were Stromberg Carlson's first "cradle" phones. This 1177 is in beautiful condition and has been painstakingly buffed back to its original gloss and sheen. This particular phone is a wonderful example of how this phone was meant to be. The original 1177 handset is present here. New brown cloth covered handset and line cords have also been added to this classic.

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