2500 - Red

2500 - Red
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After eight years, 2500 sketches, measurements of 2000 faces, and the preparation of endless clay models and lacquered plastic castings, the famed industrial designed, Henry Dreyfuss finally arrived at the form of the new "universal" set, the Model "500" in 1949. The Model 500 and it's sister wallphone, the 554, were the most popular telephone set ever designed, and they remained in production for 35 years without essential change. Coloured sets became available in 1953, and through the years the colours were changed to reflect present trends and styles. The 500/554 series telephones also sported the "G" series handset, the first handset that could comfortably be rested on your shoulder. These phones also had a user adjustable ringer that allowed the telephone subscriber to adjust the ringing level to the environment where the phone was located. In the early 1960s the design was adapted to the new "touch-tone" technology with the introduction of the 2500 deskphone and the 2554 wallphone. Manufacturing licenses of the 2500/2554 designs were granted to a number of other companies as well, so it is not uncommon to see similar models under non-Western Electric branding.

The Restoration Process

Cords – The phone has been outfitted with brand new vinyl cords and the line cord has a modular connection to facilitate a connection to your wall jack.

Shell – The shell has been painstakingly put through a multi-step restoration process which includes sanding with 400, 800, 1000, 2000 grit. This ensures that there are no scratches, dents or dings. The shell is them carefully buffed on our two step buffing wheels. This takes out the fine abrasions left by sanding and leaves the plastic with a smooth factory fresh finish. Finally, we hand apply a three-step plastic restoration compound. This leaves the plastic with a beautiful high gloss finish. 

Base – The base is completely stripped of all its components and sandblasted clean. It is then sealed with a clear coat to resist rust. The components are then cleaned, tested and reinstalled.

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