Original 302 - Ivory

Original 302 - Ivory
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Fantastic Western Electric 302 - Thermoplastic Ivory Edition!

This wonderful working example of 1930s design is sure to fit into your period decorating scheme. What I love most about this phone is the great RRRING that will be sure to get the attention of everyone in your household!

The Model 302 desk telephone was introduced in 1937. Created by famed industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss, the first versions had a die-cast zinc housing, however, demands for metal during WW2 necessitated a shift to thermo-plastic housings on later models. The 302 series was the first Western Electric desk telephone to contain the ringer and induction coil within the phone. Previous desk models required a separate subscriber set or bell box that was attached by the line cord. While the 302 series telephone is predominately found in black, it was also produced in nine colours. When the thermoplastic housings became the standard, the colours were moulded in the plastic of that colour rather than being painted on as was the case of the die-cast phones. Over the years the metal version of this phone has often been plated with various metallic finishes such as nickel and chrome. The Model 302 was manufactured until 1955 and during it's lifetime it was the workhorse of the phone system.

The dial shows almost no signs of wear on the red alphanumeric dial plate. The clear plastic fingerwheel has an open centre and in near perfect condition. The phone has been carefully cleaned, buffed and tested. The high gloss themoplastic housing looks as good today as it did when it came from the factory. It has no scuffs, scratches or marks of any kind. There is one fault with the phone and that is a crack along the receiver cap but cannot be seen when the phone is displayed "on hook". The phone has been completely disassembled, carefully cleaned and professionaly buffed. The handset has been lovingly buffed to bring out it's original high gloss finish. As a finishing touch, a new ivory cloth covered handset cord, and a ivory line cord has been added to this classic. The line cord is four prong cord and will require an adapter to plug into a modular jack. All components have been fully overhauled and tested to ensure that they will function properly both now, and in the years to come. This wonderful piece of history carries a one year parts and labour warranty subject to our standard terms and conditions.This is a great opportunity to own a fantastic piece of fully functional classic technology.

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