Siemens 366 - Black

Siemens 366 - Black
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The Siemens brothers were extremely prolific inventors who are credited with a range of innovations such as the electric elevator, the pneumatic tube system, gun cotton, and the gas regenerative furnace used in steelmaking. It was their work in electrical generation and telecommunications, however, that revolutionized the 19th century world. The Siemens Brothers began their experimentation with electricity during the mid 1800s and they invented the dynamo that paved the way for the universal employment of electrical heavy current. They developed groundbreaking telegraphic equipment, and are credited for erecting the first great telegraphic line in Europe. At sea, they laid six Atlantic telegraph cables, one of which was 3000 miles long. It was natural evolution for Siemens to become involved in all aspects of electrical design and manufacture, including telephony. Just prior to World War II, they were responsible for producing 1/12 of the world's electrical goods. Today Siemens employs over 450,000 people in 190 countries and they are one of the largest cellular phone manufacturers in the world. The Siemens 366 Wall Phone was used extensively during the 1940s and 50s. This particular phone is fully compatible with the North American phone system and is in full working condition. You should inform your local telephone company before connecting this, or any antique or classic telephone to the public telephone network.

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