5501 Armoured Auto Dial Phone

5501 Armoured Auto Dial Phone
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The Auto Dial Armor - 5501 AR Wall Phone Airports & Transit Centers, Hospitals, Amusement/Theme Parks, Museums/Zoos, Convention Centers, Jails/Prisons, Apartment Complexes, Colleges & Universities, Distribution Centers/Warehouses, Hotels & Motels, Corporate Office Buildings, Retail Chains, Restaurants, Malls/Shopping Centers, Schools, Stadiums/Arenas/Sport Complexes, Events/Exhibits/Fairs, Parking Lots/Garages etc. One of the greatest values in the Vandal Resistant/Proof market! Utilizing the platform of the 2500 series phone, an already proven workhorse in the commercial-grade phone market, Asimitel has "Armourized" this unit, beefing up all features that come into physical contact with the user. This unit possesses all the necessary features for a phone that's for public use or in a rough/heavy usage environment such as an airport or warehouse. The Pandu Armour packs all the punch and reliability of other all metal or stainless steel phones that are three or four times the price. With all that chrome it not only performs but also looks pleasing in any of the four available colors. A great value! A programmable Auto-Dial phone that speed dials any pre-programmed number when the user lifts the handset. This particular unit stores up to a 32 digit number, including pauses, in pulse or tone mode. Easily programs using any touch-tone phone. With the aid of a helper, program the Armour Auto-Dial, remotely, from anywhere in the world! You never have to return to the site to make changes! All units require no batteries or AC and are totally line powered. Even if the phone is unplugged, after programming, internal memory remembers everything. AVAILABLE IN FOUR COLORS White, Red, Black and White Features: Single-Line, Compatible w/ PBX, Centrex, etc. Chrome Metal Cradle Option 32" Payphone Style Armored Metal Handset Cord Public Friendly (Hearing Aid & ADA Handset) Variable Ringer Volume Control Volume Control Handset Surface Mounted with Modular plug directly on rear Single Bell Ringer

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