5501 Auto-Dial Programmable Wall Phone

5501 Auto-Dial Programmable Wall Phone
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Please choose your colour from the drop down menu - temporarily out of stock on black A programmable Auto-Dial phone that speed dials any pre-programmed number when the user lifts the handset. This particular unit stores up to a 32 digit number, including pauses, in pulse or tone mode. Easily programs using any touch-tone phone. With the aid of a helper, program the Omnia Auto-Dial, remotely, from anywhere in the world! You never have to return to the site to make changes! All units require no batteries or AC and are totally line powered. Even if the phone is unplugged, after programming, internal memory remembers everything. *NOTE: The Asimitel Omnia AUTO-DIAL shares the same body style as the Asimitel OMNIA NO-DIAL but these two units are very different! The Omnia Auto-Dial contains a sophisticated, self contained dialer, is stand-alone and doesn't require a Phone System/PBX or Ring-Down Circuit in order to dial out. If your PBX has Ring-Down capability or if you have a subscribed Hot-Line you may elect to choose the Omnia No-Dial, SKU 217961 Built-In Single-Number Dialer Remotely Programmable, Programmable Pauses Line Powered 32 Digit (number) Program Capacity Program to dial in Pulse (rotary) or Tone Modes Programming is Password Protected Incoming Protection (won't dial on incoming calls) Single-Line, Compatible w/ PBX, Centrex, etc. 3-Step Volume Control Handset Bell Ringer, 6ft Curly Handset Cord Asimitel, 3-Year Warranty

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3554 - Black
202 - Chrome
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