5501 Non-Dial Wall Phone

5501 Non-Dial Wall Phone
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The Asimitel Omnia Series No-Dial Wall Phone. Often referred to as: Non-Dial, Blank Dial, Dummy Phone, Direct Dial, or Courtesy Phones the Omnia No-Dial can be used for a host of applications including but not limited to: Public/Courtesy, Hotline, Ring-Down, Emergency, Cashier Stations, Store Aisle, Point-of-Sale, Catalog Sales, Door Entry, House Phones, Information/Assistance, Point-of-Purchase, Poolside, Reservations, Store Aisle Phones.

*NOTE: The Omnia No-Dial Phones do not automatically dial out. You must provide a means of dialing out such as a Ring-Down circuit or connection to a PBX/Phone System. Otherwise the phone will only function as an "answer only" phone. If you prefer a phone that dials on its own, refer to the Omnia Auto-Dial Units 5501 Auto Dial

Hook-up to a Ring-Down Circuit to dial out
Hook-up to a leased/subcribed Hot-Line
Provide users a way to receive calls only
True, Injecion Molded Housing NOT just a Shell with a sticker over the key holes
3-Step Volume Control Handset
Public Friendly (Hearing Aid & ADA Handset)
Variable Ringer Volume Control
Bell Ringer
6ft Curly Handset Cord

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354 - Orange
2500 - White
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