701 - Deep Red

701 - Deep Red
Red 701 Princess Front View Red 701 Princess Back View Red 701 Princess Off-Hook View Red 701 Princess Handset View Red 701 Princess Handset Alt View
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The 1960s come alive again with this deep red Western Electric 701 Rotary Princess Phone.

This classic is in great condition with no cracks or scratches of any kind. We have meticulously restored this phone in every way. We have added a fresh coat of Polane to this classic, overall the phone looks GREAT!



An Illuminating Experience!!!

What I like most about the Princess Phone is the light that illuminates the touch tone pad and one of the plungers when you pick up the handset. This feature was promoted extensively by Western Electric in their "It's little, It's Lovely, It Lights" marketing campaign.

This phone is a early model 701 and it has been mechanically and electrically checked to ensure that it works like new. This model does NOT have an internal ringer, we include an external mechanical ringer. If you do not want one, there is an option below to remove it for a credit of $9.95. As a finishing touch we have added a new red curly handset cord as well as added a modular adapter for easy installation in your existing phone setup. In order to complete the Princess Phone experience a modular princess transformer is required in order for the light feature to work. We have these available just below

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