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Old telephones were made to last.

In the early days of telephony most telephone equipment was owned by the telephone company. As a result, they tended to design and manufacture product that would stand the test of time, and that could be easily refurbished and redeployed as required. Even though these phones were manufactured many decades ago, they usually will still work as well today as when they originally came from the factory.

Although the variety of phones that were available from the phone monopolies was extremely limited, the designs were timeless classics. From the wood wall phones and candlestick models from the early 1900's, to the integrated desk phones of the 30's and 40's, the ageless beauty and ongoing functionality of these devices is unmatched by any comparable products available today.
Oldphoneworks is one of the largest suppliers of Antique Phones and parts in the world.  In 2006 we purchased the assets of Chicago Old Telephones and added many new products to our portfolio.  In October, 2008 we expanded our manufacturing capabilities with the purchase of House of Telephones, and the premium cloth covered phone cord business that they built up over the years.  It is our pleasure to honor the legacy for unsurpassed quality that the former owner of House of Telephones, Odis LeVrier, brought to the phone collecting community. 

Antique Phones sold by Oldphoneworks come with a one year parts and labour warranty. In the unlikely event that your phone develops a problem within one year of the purchase date, we will either repair it, or we will replace it with an equivalent model. Due to the obvious shortage of original parts for older phones, we may need to use reproduction parts when doing repairs.

Most of the telephones that we sell have been fully refurbished using a process that may include rewiring, repainting, replating, polishing, and parts replacement. The phones have either been electrically upgraded to modern standards, or have been returned to factory original design.
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