1500 - Aqua

1500 - Aqua
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The beginning of the end for the rotary dial came in 1963. Tone dialing had been in use within the Bell System's switching network for a number of years. Now, a new standard desk set, the Model 1500, was introduced and tone dialing was made available to the general public. The 1500 had the same footprint and familiar G1 handset as the venerable 500 set, but where there had been a dial, the redesigned shell now accommodated a 10-button Touch-Tone TM key pad. (The 1500 had no # and * buttons. These special feature keys were introduced in 1968 with the Model 2500.) We have not touched the finish on this phone to keep its originality. Like many aqua phones, the finish shows UV discoloration. It is fully functional and a modular plug has been added to the original line cord to facilitate an easy connection to your phone line. It comes with our standard one year warranty.

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