Automatic Electric Type 34, Brown with Chrome Trim

Automatic Electric Type 34, Brown with Chrome Trim
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This is a beautiful rare Original Brown Automatic Electric Type 34, in fantastic condition. This particular model has been modified with a ring mute switch on the back.

This Automatic Electric Type 34 Monophone was the first integrated deskset from Automatic Electric. It was manufactured from 1934-1938 and is great example of art deco design. The body on this phone is in remarkable condition and has no cracks or breaks. The brown bakelite still has a beautiful sheen that reminds of an era of quality long since past. The most striking thing about this phone is its Chrome trim. The fingerwheel looks brand new and will definitely attract attention. The receiver also has the full chrome trim and look at the receiver cap. The trim on the inside is impeccable, you don't see that very often.

As a finishing touch a new cloth covered handset cord and a modular line cord have been added to this classic for ease of use and installation in your home or office.

This is fantastic opportunity to own a fully functional piece of technology
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