354 - Moss Green - Chrome Trim

354 - Moss Green - Chrome Trim
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The perfect companion to our Western Electric Moss Green 302! This original Norhern Electric 354 wall telephone has been color matched to our Western Electric Moss Green (Please note: Phone may have small dents). The Model 354 is the wall phone version of the famed Model 302 deskphone. When it was introduced in 1946 it was the first "modern" wall phone made by Western/Northern Electric and it replaced many of the old wood phones that were still common at the time.

This thermoplastic 354 wall phone dates from the mid 1950s and it has been fitted with a new vinyl alphanumeric dial plate overlay that shows none of the wear that is so characteristic in phones from this period.This has been placed over the original dial plate and the effect results in a very vibrant dial plate .

The phone has been completely disassembled, carefully stripped, and then expertly refinished with a beautiful moss green high gloss finish. This is done using a product called Pollane which is extremely resistant to chips or cracking. This green is matched to our Western Electric Moss Green used on our 302. The switchook and fingerwheel are a brilliant chrome that, along with the green cloth cord, finish the piece off very nicely.

The bakelite handset has been professionally painted using the very same materials and procedures implemented by the original phone companies of yesteryear. We have also added chrome bands to this phone to make a fantastic showpiece that is as beautiful as it is functional.

As a finishing touch, matching green cloth covered handset cord has been added to this classic to faciliate connection to your phone line. All components have been fully overhauled and tested to ensure that they will function properly both now, and in the years to come. This is a great opportunity to own a fantastic piece of fully functional classic technology with a unique twist.

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