Rotatone EXT - Pulse to tone Converter

Rotatone EXT - Pulse to tone Converter
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   With all the changes being made to the phone lines these days it seems that our beloved rotary phones may become non functional. Well not with our automatic pulse to tone converter. This snazzy little unit will AUTOMATICALLY convert your traditional pulse dial to a modern DTMF tone. Simply dial your phone as you normally would and the pulse will be converted and recognized by your modern phone line including many VOIP devices, and Cable TV Phone Adapters. There are an almost infinite number of phone and network combinations. We can not guarantee that this converter will work with your specific setup.

  Key Features of the Rotatone EXT

  • Easy to install, just plug it in and start dialing
  • Requires no modifications to your old phone
  • Supports all standard rotary phones
  • Converts 0-9 Pulse/Decadic dialing to DTMF tone
  • Allows you to dial * and # on most rotary phones
  • Six speed dial memories
  • Last number redial feature
  • Needs no batteries, no external power supply
  • Advanced microprocessor control for accurate dialing
  • Suppresses dial pulses on the line to stop double dialing faults
  • Not effected by incorrect line polarity
  • Configurable for non-standard dial layouts (Sweden, New Zealand)
  • Does not interfere with ringer operation
  • Supports a wide range of international telephone line voltages and currents
  • Specially designed to tolerate low line voltages found on many VoIP boxes and ATAs.


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