Model 293 Wallphone

Model 293 Wallphone
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Wood Wall phones were among the first phones that were made available to the public by the early telephone companies of the late 1900s. The Model 293 was first introduced in 1905. This common battery set received it's power from a central office so internal batteries were not required. To make a call using this phone you would have picked up the receiver to notify the operator that you wanted to place a call. The operator would then make the connection to the appropriate destination.

Due to the small size of Model 293 relative to other wood wall phones, it proved to be extremely popular and the product therefore remained in production for many years.

This Model 293 has been completely refurbished and upgraded with a modern network for compatibility with the phone lines of today. As part of the upgrade process, the original transmitter and receiver have been replaced with modern reproductions. You should contact your telephone company before connecting this, or any vintage telephone equipment to the public telephone network.
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