Non-Dial and Auto Dial Phones

These are brand new non dial telephones from Asimitel. There are two distinct types, Auto Dial and Non Dial. While both feature a fully encased telephone without a dial, the internals are somewhat different.

An Auto Dial phone can put on any standard phone line and can be programmed to dial any number upon lifting the receiver. Incoming calls are not affected.

A Non Dial phone is also referred to as a ring down phone. This type of phone will need a connection to PBX Ring-down or leased/subscribed Hotline. Incoming calls will not be affected. Please call or email for more details
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Hotline Auto Dialer Unit
SKU: 24932
Market price: $74.95
Our price: $59.95
save 20%
5501 Non-Dial Wall Phone
SKU: 217961
Our price: $67.00
5501 Auto-Dial Programmable Wall Phone
SKU: 218001
Market price: $171.00
Our price: $99.95
save 42%
5500 Non-Dial Desk Phone
SKU: 217881
Our price: $67.00
5500 Auto-Dial Desk Phone
SKU: 217921
Market price: $171.00
Our price: $99.95
save 42%
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