Pulse to Tone Converter

Pulse to Tone Converter
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With all the changes being made to the phone lines these days it seems that our beloved rotary phones may become non functional. Well not with our automatic pulse to tone converter. This snazzy little unit will AUTOMATICALLY convert your traditional pulse dial to a modern DTMF tone. Simply dial your phone as you normally would and the pulse will be converted and recognized by your modern phone line including many VOIP devices, and Cable TV Phone Adapters.

Bonus! - Unlike other converters, this unit will filter out dial pulses to eliminate the possibility of sending double digits.

Note - if you need DTMF conversion capability AND the ability to dial * and # from your rotary phone, you should consider our Rotatone unit that is available under the Pulse to Tone Converter section of this site.

There are an almost infinite number of phone and network combinations. We can not guarantee that this converter will work with your specific setup. We have confirmed that this unit WILL NOT work with Magic Jack and AT&T UVerse.

An additional benefit of our pulse to tone converter solutions is that they are telephone line powered devices. In other words they need a small amount of power to operate and they derive this from the telephone line as opposed to having to have an additional wall mounted AC power adapter and cable. Before first use the Pulse to Tone convertor must be plugged into the line for a full 10 minutes to “charge” itself before first usage. In order avoid any physical strain on the phone and line connectors, we recommend that the unit be placed on a flat surface.

The dial of the connected phone must be fully operational with respect to dialling speed as a faulty dial mechanism could result in misunderstood digits. We provide dial cleaning, lubrication and calibration services for vintage rotary phones that are in need of a tune-up.

Testing has shown that this Pulse to Tone converter will NOT work with Magic Jack, Ooma or AT&T Uverse. Some Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) solutions are powered through USB ports on a computer and this simply does not provide enough line power and ringing energy for vintage telephones (with or without the Pulse to Tone converter). The pulse to Tone convertor will work with many VOIP adapters that are specifically designed to power multiple telephone sets or provide a “whole house solution/service”. 

With some tweeking in the settings menu of the ObiTALK the converter is compatible. 

OBi Expert Config > Physical Interfaces > PHONE 1 > Port Settings

and changed the “OffHookCurrentMax” from 20 mA to 30 mA.

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