Rotatone Pulse to Tone Converter - Installed in Your Phone!

Rotatone Pulse to Tone Converter - Installed in Your Phone!
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Introducing Rotatone!
- Converts rotary dial to DTMF "touchtone" operation. - Add # and * functionality to your phone. - Uses legacy equipment on tone-only lines. - Compatible with VOIP services. - Provides last number redial functionality. - Adds 7 programmable speed dial locations. - Each stored number can be up to 25 digits long. - Program a "hotline" number (version 2 only.) - Small enough to fit inside most phones. 'Rotatone' is an electronic module which enables phones with rotary pulse dials to work on 'DTMF' (dual tone multi-frequency) telephone lines, tone-only enabled exchanges, or on VOIP adapters. In addition to sending the correct tones corresponding to 0 to 9 on a regular dial, Rotatone can send the correct codes for * and #. It also features 'last number redial' and can dial 7 programmable stored numbers. In addition, Rotatone version 2 allows you to set one of your preprogrammed speed dial locations as a "hotline" that is automatically dialed when the phone is taken off-hook. For $99.95 + $20 return shipping, we will install a Rotatone in your vintage telephone. Order now and send your phone to: From Canada From US Oldphoneworks Oldphoneworks 10 Binnington Crt Deringer Building Kingston, Ont. 46725 Interstate Route 81 K7M 8S3 Alexandria Bay, NY 13607 Be sure to include a copy of your order with the phone. Click Here For Rotatone Operating Instructions

Note - the Rotatone SMD V2 (current version) works with Magicjack. Older versions of Rotatone may not support Magicjack.

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