Stromberg Carlson Petite - Pink

Stromberg Carlson Petite - Pink
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This is NOT a Western Electric Princess Phone, but rather a stunning example of the main competition to the Western version. The Stromberg Carlson Petite phone. The following is copy from an original SC ad for the Petite.

"The “Petite,” a compact new extension telephone with illuminated dial, has been introduced by Stromberg-Carlson Division of General Dynamics for the independent telephone industry. The dial light glows dimly when the ‘phone is not in use, lights up brightly for dialing when the handset is picked up. Subscriber can turn off the light entirely by a switch in the base. Although the “Petite” has no built-in ringer, a compact wall-type bell box is available so that it can be used as a primary telephone instead of as an extension. The new narrow shape is intended to make the instrument more convenient for bedside table and other applications."

As stated the phone does NOT have an internal ringer, but we can also provide an external mechanical ringer for 24.95.




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