Subset Cords
Subset cords (also known as deskstand cords, mounting cords or mating cords) are used to connect a telephone to a telephone subset. Due to size constraints, many early telephones did not contain all of the components required for operation within the telelphone These components were often housed within a separate subset, and a cord was then installed between the phone and subset to make the required electrical connections. Most early "Candlestick" phones required a separate subset, as did Deskphones like the Western Electric 102 or 202. The circuit design of the phone/subset combination determined the number of conductors required in the subset cord. Most early "sidetone" designs from prior to 1930 required the use of a 3 conductor subset cord, While most anti-sidetone designs from post-1930 required 4 or 5 conductors.
If you are unsure of the specific configuration that you require, please don't hesitate to ask for assistance. All of our "House of Telephones" cloth covered cords are custom made in our manufacturing facility specifically for your order.
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Cloth Covered Subset Cord - 8 Con
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Cloth Covered Subset Cord - Various Colors
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CORD, Subset, Cloth, 3 Conductor, Brown, NOS OEM, EQUIV TO KELL F640D,FOR 700/725/900A/925A
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Cord, Subset, Cloth, 4 Conductor, Brown - NOS OEM
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