Western Electric - 51AL - Brass

Western Electric - 51AL - Brass
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Western Electric Model 51 Brass Dial Candlestick. Classic Roaring 20s Western Electric brass dial candlestick telephone. Solid brass construction with original molded black receiver. This antique telephone works on today's modern telephone system.

The candlestick is a style of telephone that was common from the late 1890s to the 1940s.  A candlestick telephone is often referred to as a desk stand, and upright, or a stick phone.  Candlestick telephones feature a mouth piece (transmitter) mounted at the top of the stand, and a receiver (ear piece) that is held by the user to the ear during a call.  When the telephone is not in use, the receiver rests in the fork of the switch hook that protrudes from the side of the stand, thereby disconnecting the audio circuit from the telephone network.

This telephone has been stripped of its original black paint and buffed back to its original brass luster. It is then sealed with clear coat to prevent oxidization discolouration. This means the phone may have minor pitting frrom normal wear and tear that could not be buffed out, but is as good as new otherwise.  There is also an option to have the telephone professionally brass plated, which would leave the phone with a perfect finish.  Ask for details.

The dial on this phone is an original Western Electric 5H  (an optional upgrade to a 4H dial is available.)   The dial has been cleaned, lubricated, and accurately adjusted to give another 100 years of faithful service. The porcelain plate on the dial is your choice of alphanumeric (shown) or numeric, and is in very good condition.  The transmitter face is complete with a near perfect original mouthpiece is made of bakelite that has been polished to a high sheen.  The receiver (handpiece) is also original and sounds great!   A new cloth covered receiver cord, and modular line cord, have been added to improve the appearance and performance of the candlestick. The bottom of the phone has been covered with a fine quality felt.  A warbler is built into the transmitter cup to notify you of incoming calls (an optional external mechanical ringer is available.)

This wonderful piece of history carries a one year parts and labour warranty subject to our standard terms and conditions

Do you currently have any rotary phones?   If the answer is no, it is always a good idea to call your local phone company and check if they still support “pulse” dialing. If they do, you are all set to go.  If they do not, we offer an optional upgrade for this phone to allow the dial to work on tone only lines.

The Restoration Process

Dial – The dial has been fully disassembled, cleaned, lubed and timed to ensure years of trouble free service. The outer edge of the dial has been stripped and repainted with a gloss black enamel. The number plate has been cleaned and a perfectly matching overlay has been applied. The finger wheel has been sandblasted and powder coated with a semi-gloss black finish. A brand new die cut dial card and acetate cover have been added as well

Cords – The phone has been outfitted with brand new cloth covered cords that are made in house on the same type of equipment originally used by the phone companies. They look amazing. You can choose from either black or brown cloth cords. The line cord has a modular connection to facilitate a modern connection to your wall jack.

Body– The metal body has been stripped down and the brass body professionally buffed and lacquered to minimize future oxidation of the surface.

Receiver – The original Bakelite receiver has been ultrasonically cleaned to get all embedded debris out. It is then sanded through a multi-step restoration process which includes sanding with 400, 800, 1000, 2000 grit and buffed back to its beautiful original shine.

Network – The candlestick is outfitted with an unique network that fits in the transmitter housing. This allows the telephone to connect to a modern network without the need for a subset, although a subset with ringer is available.

Base – The base is carefully sand blasted and rewrapped with super soft pig skin suede leather to ensure it does not damage the table it proudly sits on.

The phone goes extensive testing before to ensure it is in perfect working condition prior to shipping.


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