Wood Wall Phone

Wood Wall Phone
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Wood Wall phones were among the first phones that were made available to the public by the early telephone companies of the late 1900s. Most of these phones had self contained batteries to provide transmission power, and a magneto to generate the electricity required to ring the bells of the party being called. This strategy enabled telephone users to communicate with each other without the requirement for a centralised power supply. An added benefit was derived from the fact that the local batteries provided a stronger more consistent power source compared to common battery power that suffered from line attenuation in the extended line runs common in rural settings.

The manufacture of local battery phones with magneto ringing was essentially discontinued in the US during the 1940s. The rural nature of Canada, however, created an ongoing need for these phones. As a result, Northern Electric continued to manufacture local battery magneto phones until the early 1960s, and many of these phones were still in service into the 1970s.

Over the years many different companies became involved in the manufacture of telephones in Canada. In addition to Northern Electric and Western Electric were the main suppliers to the Bell system in both Canada and the US respectively. Many communities, however, were serviced by independent telephone companies, and the phones used in the areas were often made by smaller manufacturers such as Century Telephone, Dominion Telephone Manufacturing Co. Ltd, or Canadian Independent Telephone Co, Ltd.

This phone is currently wired in it's original configuration with original components and it will need to be upgraded before it is connected to the public telephone network.
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